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How to treat hypertensive nephropathy ?

2014-03-12 17:28

  Hypertensive nephropathy is a common kidney disease ,which can bring big damage to the patients ,hypertension is mainly occur among the elderly ,so how to treat hypertensive nephropathy ?

  1.Roughly normal can give non-drug therapy ,early stage ,slight high blood pressure and routine urine test should keep a good emotion ,lose weight ,limit salt and wine ,practice qigong and tai chi ,properly physical exercise .

  2.Of antihypertensive drugs ,calcium channel blockers and ACEI hemodynamic more advantageous to the kidneys and ACEI reduced urinary protein is better than other blood pressure medicines .(18.7/12kPa,140/90mmHg)can prevent ,stable or delay high blood pressure kidney lesion .

  3.Sclerosis patients’renal function rapidly deterioration in a short time .In with hypertensive encephalopathy ,malignant renal arteriole vision rapidly decline ,intracranial hemorrhage and cannot oral drugs can intravenous administration ,often use sodium nitroprusside ,try best to control the blood pressure in 12-24 hours .Long press can quickly reduce blood pressure ,suitable for the initial treatment of malignant hypertension .

  4.Patients with diabetes and hyperuricemia will accompany with hyperlipemia ,so should give corresponding treatment .At the same time should use platelet aggregation and adhesion of the drugs ,such as dipyridamole and aspirin ,which may have the effect that prevent renal arteriolar sclerosis .

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