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Obesity can cause kidney damage

2018-01-16 17:03

In recent years, obesity has become a global topic. The problems associated with obesity such as diabetes, hypertension and coronary heart disease have gradually become known. However, few people know that obesity can cause renal dysfunction and cause chronic kidney disease and obesity-related. The incidence of kidney disease is increasing year by year, doubling. Obesity can cause kidney damage, so to establish awareness, effective prevention and treatment of obesity-related renal disease, to protect our kidney health.

First, obesity easily lead to hyperlipidemia, with blood circulation, increased kidney fat content, increased kidney weight, increased volume; check at this time will find that tubular, glomerular basement membrane often obvious fat deposition , The glomerulus also becomes hypertrophic, resulting in segmental glomerulosclerosis, causing renal damage.

Second, people with obesity have very high levels of uric acid. Hyperuricemia is a disease caused by long-term purine metabolic disorders characterized by recurrent acute arthritis, chronic arthritis and joint deformities, renal parenchymal lesions and uric acid stone formation. About 30% of patients with intermittent early may be a small amount of proteinuria, with the progression of the disease can occur persistent proteinuria, but also microscopic hematuria. Uric acid , may have mild edema, moderate benign hypertension. Almost all tubulointerstitial function decreased, tubulointerstitial function impaired as early as glomerular dysfunction, the condition often slow development lead to renal insufficiency and life-threatening.

Third, obesity can cause high blood pressure, kidney blood vessels will withstand more pressure, long-term, the blood vessels will be hardened, the kidneys will also be hardened. Early can cause glomerular sclerosis, the latter part of the kidney will appear failure, atrophy, eventually leading to uremia.

Fourth, obesity easily leads to insulin resistance, which in turn triggers occult diabetes. The incidence of more hidden, the symptoms are not typical, often the first symptom of complications, kidney damage is also its main complication.

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