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How to carry out home care for hemodialysis patients?

2018-01-20 17:17

Hemodialysis is currently the most widely used renal replacement therapy in patients with renal failure, is a treatment to maintain patient's life.

Patients with maintenance hemodialysis often cause dialysis accidents due to improper home self-care

As a result of constipation forced defecation caused by cerebral hemorrhage death;

Hemodialysis caused by obliteration after hemodialysis bandage caused by occlusion of fistula;

Due to improper diet caused by hyperkalemia;

Due to not pay attention to diet, excessive weight gain caused by acute left heart failure;

Therefore, good dialysis patients with family self-care guidance, to prevent the occurrence of dialysis complications, to extend the life of dialysis patients is of great significance.

So, we are here for everyone finishing some of the following information.

1. Hemodialysis is an alternative to kidney treatment, is to reduce the body's discomfort and prolong life, so be confident and patient. As long as the regular treatment can be normal and healthy life. To follow the doctor's advice on time dialysis, not free, so as not to aggravate the condition.

2. Appropriate exercise, such as walking, tai chi and some hard-working housework, generally do not feel tired as appropriate.

3. To ensure adequate rest and sleep, daily life should be regular.

4. To prevent infection, develop good personal hygiene.

5. On-time measurement of blood pressure and record, according to the doctor on time medication, not free to increase or decrease the dose of the drug.

6. Attention to reasonable nutrient intake and moisture control. Malnutrition will reduce the body's resistance, prone to infection. Hemodialysis patients should drink at least 1 cup of milk a day to eat 2 eggs. Excessive water intake can increase heart burden and cause heart failure. Therefore, the total daily intake of water should be controlled by the previous day's urine output plus 500ml. The glass must choose a scale, so when you drink it will be well aware of. Weight gain during dialysis should be controlled in their own "dry weight" of 3% to 5%. Home can be equipped with a simple electronic scales, measuring body weight every day in a fixed time, understand the weight gain, control water intake.

7. Maintain the stool smooth, develop timely bowel habits, eat more food fiber-rich foods: potato (potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc.), coarse grains (cornmeal, sorghum, buckwheat, etc.), vegetables, amount of fruit. If you have constipation, if necessary, can take stool

8. daily self-examination of fistula anastomosis whether there is tremor and noise, such as not smooth their own first with hi appropriate (polysulfonic mucopolysaccharide) cream massage and promptly go to the hospital.

9. To maintain a happy body and mind, in case of emotional stress and more communication with their families, if conditions, to join friends or picnic, expand their own life circle, while receiving treatment, and constantly improve their quality of life.

10. Carry the card with the name, home address, contact number, disease diagnosis and name of dialysis center with you. If there is any emergency or uncomfortable in your home life, you should go to the hospital immediately and contact the hemodialysis center in time.

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