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Which edema is caused by kidney disease?

2018-01-18 16:32

In addition, the most common symptom of nephropathy is edema and back pain. Apart from that, no matter where the edema is, the first triage of the patients in the triage area may involve the patients in the nephrology department. All this shows that edema caused by nephropathy very common problem. But the edema must be kidney disease? How to treat the real nephritis? We may wish to take a look.

Nephrogenic edema

Edema caused by kidney disease are usually two types. One is nephritis, edema, proteinuria is not a lot of eyelids and facial non-pitting edema. The other is nephrotic edema, the whole body to the lower limb-based depression edema, a large number of proteinuria.

There is also a class of nephrotic edema occurred after the use of glucocorticoid, rounded face, limbs swelling, and sometimes see the gradual improvement of indicators of kidney disease, and edema did not fade, especially in some patients with edema is not heavy, treatment Post edema aggravated, will question the effect of treatment, in fact, this is glucocorticoid Shuinazhuliu effect, when the hormone reduction, the natural improvement of symptoms.

Kidney disease caused by edema usually will not disappear for no reason, no treatment will gradually increase, first in the tissue relaxation sites, such as the eyelids, face, morning obviously, and gradually developed to the ankle and lower limbs. Serious systemic and edema, the texture of soft and easy to move, for the depression can also be non-depression, often accompanied by other manifestations of kidney disease, such as hypertension, proteinuria, hematuria and renal damage, clinical examination is easy to judge.

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