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Does regular drinking tea can cause kidney stones?

2018-01-06 17:15

There are many kinds of stones, calcium oxalate, calcium phosphate, mixed stones and uric acid stones, in theory, more tea will increase the probability of uric acid stones, but the fact is not the case, first of all stones are mixed ingredients , Every kind of stones have their own taboo diet.

Tea also contains the formation of stones of the material, but often a lot of tea will increase the body's oxalic acid composition, and oxalic acid and calcium in the food after the formation of calcium oxalate, calcium oxalate is the main component of stones. In addition, because the human body acid acid and tea rich theophylline containing alkaline, if drink tea immediately after a meal, then not only will dilute the gastric acid secretion, but also inhibit gastric acid, affect the normal digestion to block acid protease. Some experts have done experiments show that if the drink after drinking 15 grams of tea brewing tea, will make the food in the absorption of iron reduced by about half. Moreover, if the higher the concentration of drinking tea, then the greater the harm to the body, the formation of stones may also be higher. So drink tea must be moderate. Try not to drink strong tea, nor fasting tea.

If all the diet taboos are counted, people can not be normal life, small stones have a relationship with many factors, but drink plenty water is a very good habit, but also pay attention to the usual exercise, not to prevent stones through fasting, but mainly through drink plenty of water and exercise, no matter how big is the stone in the early stage of crystallization, is smaller than with salt, drink plenty of water and exercise can discharge will not form a stone. Usually should pay attention to more exercise, drink plenty of water, more urination, do not eat spicy, high cholesterol, high fat, high calcium and other foods, avoid alcohol and tobacco, is conducive to the prevention of stone formation.

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