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The benefits of eating sweet potatoes in patients with kidne

2018-01-06 17:14

Compared to other foods, sweet potato itself has the effect of invigorating spleen and kidney. In addition, sweet potato contains a lot of vitamins, cellulose and a variety of trace elements. The content of VC in fresh sweet potato is higher than that in tomato and apple, even better is that it is not afraid of heat, in the production process is not easy to drain nutrients. Cellulose and a variety of trace elements magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and other mineral elements can maintain blood vessel elasticity, stable blood pressure, but also to stimulate digestion.

Sweet potato ha high potassium low sodium, it is very friendly to low sodium patients with kidney disease, but patients with hyperkalemia can not eat.

In addition to the common sweet potato, there is purple potato and so on. Sweet potato contains much carotene, which can protect eyesight; purple potato contains much selenium and anthocyanins have strong antioxidant ability; crude fiber content of sweet potato is relatively high, relative to the other two high sugar content, so sweet potato can be said to be the most sweet. Although sweet potatoes contain carbohydrates and the same amount of rice is almost the same, but part of it is dietary fiber can not be absorbed by body, and calories is only one third of the daily staple food, so for patients with diabetes, kidney disease, it’s good to eat sweet potato.

Most patients with kidney disease need low-protein diet, but also need to maintain adequate heat supply. Pasta, although the rice can supply calories, but also eat less easy to absorb the plant protein. In contrast, the proportion of protein contained in sweet potato is much lower than the daily staple food, although the sweet potato alone is easy to cause lack of protein and lipid intake. But this is for patients with nephropathy is good, you can recommend with the doctor with meat, fruits, vegetables and so on. Sweet potato has a lot of benefits, but don’t eat it before meal, it’s easy to stimulate the stomach, people with stomach problem should be careful of it.

Above is the related introduction of benefits of eating sweet potatoes in patients with kidney disease, hoping to help you. If you still have questions about diet of patients with kidney disease, you can leave a message below, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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