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Six bad habits make patients with kidney disease prematurely

2018-01-04 17:09

1: Take instant noodles as breakfast

Regular consumption of instant noodles as breakfast, it is bad for the health and development of the human body. Because, to maintain the body's normal physiological metabolism requires six elements, and the main component of instant noodles are carbohydrates, other nutrients are very little. Therefore, if you have breakfast with instant noodles for a long time, you may experience dizziness, fatigue, weight loss, heart palpitations, and lack of energy. In severe cases, you may experience nutritional deficiencies such as weight loss and muscle atrophy.

2: Take fruits instead of vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, many people think that as long as you eat fruit every day, it’s not necessary to eat vegetables. In fact, vegetables are second only to staple food, the human body necessary food, it is more effective in promoting the body to absorb protein, fat, carbohydrates, three nutrients. If people only eat animal food, the protein absorption rate of 70%; if take vegetables at the same time, the absorption rate up to 90%. In addition, vegetables contain plant-specific crude fiber can stimulate the intestinal peristalsis, play a digestive, anti-cancer effect.

3: Fresh vegetables instead of refrigerated vegetables

If it’s fresh vegetable just picked from the vegetable field, this argument doesn’t have any problems. But in fact most of the vegetables we eat are not so fresh, they are usually stored for a few days, and their vitamins are gradually lost during storage. In contrast, refrigerated vegetables retain more vitamins, since the vegetables are harvested after harvesting and are good at preventing the loss of vitamins.

4: Mineral water instead of boiled water

Many people thought mineral water is rich in minerals, then no longer drink boiled water, drink mineral water instead, but mineral water will also be contaminated by harmful substances in the land. Recently, scientists conducted an analysis of bottled mineral water and found that mineral water is more susceptible to contamination by dangerous microorganisms and bacteria. Although these bacteria may not pose a significant threat to healthy human health, but for those who are weak in immunity, the bacteria in bottled mineral water can be quite dangerous..

5: Brown sugar instead of sugar

Brown sugar and sugar are extracted from sugar cane or sugar beet, brown sugar production process is slightly simpler than sugar, which contains more glucose and cellulose, and the release of energy faster, higher absorption and utilization. However, the taste of brown sugar is not as sweet as sugar, people naturally put more tea and coffee, so brown sugar is actually more dangerous than white sugar.

6: Tonic instead of nourishment

Many people often take all kinds of tonics when doctors recommend strengthening nutrition. However, experts point out that tonics can not replace nourishment. Amino acids are common tonic, but if there is no difficulty in taking food, you do not have to apply it, blind injection of amino acids can not only cause allergic reactions, for poor kidney function, but also may lead to hepatic coma and uremia. Many people think that vitamins are beneficial to the body, it’s good to take more, but in fact it’s not true, long-term use of vitamin A, D pills can cause vitamin A poisoning, bone pain, vomiting, itching, alopecia, etc. Therefore, to enhance nutrition, should start with the regulation of diet, do not abuse nourishment.

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