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The dietary principles for patient with kidney disease

2017-12-21 08:46

Kidney disease have a very high requirements of kidney disease on the diet, if the diet does not pay attention to the treatment will affect the disease for patient, we must be in strict accordance with the doctor's request to diet, in order to avoid affecting the condition, causing greater losses.

 1. Control of mild swelling of salt and kidney disease associated with hypertension should be low-salt diet, salt, no more than 3 grams per day, a high degree of edema should avoid salt. Edema is not obvious, no high blood pressure can be cooked into the food. But should also pay attention to diet should not be salty.

2. low protein diet: patients with kidney disease eat protein to supplement the body's needs. Patients generally believe that due to a large number of kidney disease protein loss, should be a lot of protein is added, it is not true. Because the patient glomerular filtration membrane permeability increased, the more the protein is not only lost more, but also a lot of intake of protein but can increase the burden on the kidneys, is not conducive to the recovery of the disease, so the latest treatment opinion not only for chronic renal failure must be given low-protein diet, but also the treatment of patients with chronic nephritis also advocate should be given low-protein diet. Therefore, patients with nephritis kidney disease should be rice, flour, vegetables, all kinds of chicken, duck, fish and pork, lamb, beef, including eggs, food should be as little as possible.

Experts on the principles of diet for patient with kidney disease: In germinated rice, vegetable based diet, especially important is to use only some red beans every day, because red beans with diuretic effect. Red beans after boiling a little salt to season, when the staple food to eat, do not have to eat other food, barley also has a good diuretic effect. In the life of the proposed you, eat less meat, milk, eggs. Because these foods will damage the kidneys, can cause kidney burden, easily lead to the occurrence of kidney disease, while prohibiting consumption of refined salt and chemical seasonings. Refined processed foods can cause kidney damage.

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