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Can kidney cancer eat Chinese traditional medicine to treat?

2017-12-21 08:44

Renal cancer is a very serious kidney disease, kidney cancer common symptoms of urinary frequency, urgency, kidney cancer, also known as renal cell carcinoma, renal adenocarcinoma, originated in the urinary epithelial. With the popularity of physical examination, more and more early kidney cancer has been timely diagnosis. Do not smoke and avoid obesity is an important way to prevent the occurrence of kidney cancer.

Chinese medicine state therapy is to change the status of cancer, cancer cells to change the cancer environment as the main principle, can be combined with chemotherapy or inpidual treatment of cancer. Can be combined with chemotherapy to reduce tumor resistance, improve efficacy. Chinese medicine treatment it can improve the immune function. Inhibit tumor growth. Shrink the tumor, dissipate the tumor.

Chinese medicine state of the use of drugs are pure natural Chinese herbal medicine, for different cancer patients with different treatment options. For early and mid-term patients, mainly in traditional Chinese medicine treatment. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of cancer first destroy the cancer cell cancer environment, to resist the growth of cancer cells, so that cancer cells can not be added, resulting in cancer cells due to starvation leading to death.

Traditional Chinese medicine state therapy is the combination of acupuncture and decoction, oral and external application of four methods of combining therapy. The essence of the traditional Chinese medicine therapy status, decoction, acupuncture, moxibustion, acupoint sticking method. State therapy to improve the human body environment, accelerate metabolism, promote cell endotoxin eduction, to repair damaged cells plays a very important role, and many of the patients after treatment, to improve symptoms and reduce the discharge chemotherapy injury, prevention of recurrence and metastasis and achieved very satisfactory results.

Kidney cancer experts remind us must pay attention to life in the usual must pay attention to the survival of kidney cancer to learn a long time to learn to live a positive and optimistic life, every day with a sincere heart to treat the disease, Slow to be defeated. Usually in life must pay attention to personal hygiene, relax, pay attention to rest, eat more fresh fruit, must quit smoking and drinking.

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