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Why Not Allow Children To Eat Cold Drinks?

2017-12-14 16:25

Chinese medicine belive that "root knot", the origin of all diseases, the most important is the potential internal causes. In the hot summer, the body's Yang Qi and energy emit outwards, the body is actually Yang empty. In clinical often have the common patients with spleen kidney yang deficiency, in cold winter if you take cood food for careless, the worst condition may be abdominal pain; but if in the summer, you take cold drink, often can cause diarrhea.

In summer, our spleen and stomach are relatively weak, digestive ability is not good, if you eat cold, spleen and stomach's function becomes worse, it is easy to have a fever and indigestion.

In the summer, some parents found that their children did not catch a cold, but suddenly have a fever, parents should consider whether it is caused by cold food.

For a strong child, the cold drink may not seem to have any effect on them, but potential harm is inevitable. And for those weaker children, cold drinks will soon appear dangerous, the most common manifestation is stomachache, diarrhea.

China's famous nephrology Master Mr. Zou Yunxiang said: "stomach like warm not like cool", "kidney is also like warm not like cold". He gave the family a set of rules: don't allow his family and children to eat cold food!

His daughter, 85 year old Ms. Zou Yanqin, looks like 20 years younger than their peers, in the interview, they say there is no a special diet in her family, only one is Mr Zou Yunxiang's rules could not be broken, the whole family should get rid of cold. This rule, let the family three generations are aging slow and good health.

Sometimes it seem that we deprive the the joy of the child, but gave him a good body, gave him good eating habits, gave him long-term health.

What remedies can be taken if a child has a cold drink?

Drink ginger brown sugar water is a good way, but this taste, most children are unacceptable. Another method is hot compress. Put sage or a few slices of ginger into the pot, boil with big fire, and then switch to simmer for 5 minutes, pour water into the hot water bag, hanging to the right temperature, put on the child's belly.

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