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Chronic kidney failure in the diet of people on the errors

2017-11-26 09:25

Reasonable diet is particularly important for patients with chronic renal failure. Human body metabolism of waste mainly by renal excretion, due to chronic renal failure in patients with renal function damage is progressive and irreversible, will inevitably lead to the retention of metabolic waste, while retaining the waste and in turn affect the body of the various organs of the system, each For the cause and effect, the formation of a vicious circle, worse. "Export" obstacles, "import" must be subject to the corresponding restrictions. Chronic renal failure patients with a reasonable diet, is conducive to reducing the retention of metabolic wastes, delay the process of chronic renal failure and deterioration. As chronic renal failure patients and their families on the one-sided understanding of diet therapy, they "eat" there are many errors in the area.

Do not eat salt less drinking water

Some patients because of fear of eating salt, drinking water will aggravate symptoms, six months to insist on eating less salt water, the result but muscle spasms, difficulties and other symptoms, the condition is getting heavier. To the hospital for a check, found to have hyponatremia, symptomatic treatment, symptom improvement. Edema is a common symptom of kidney disease and is the most susceptible to change. As we all know that water and salt are directly related to edema, so many patients pay special attention to eating straight drinking water, causing "fear of salt", "fear of water" psychology, and even do not eat salt, the result is counterproductive. Limited salt limited to high blood pressure, edema, oliguria, chronic renal failure patients is necessary to avoid excessive sodium and sodium retention, increased edema and high blood pressure. But not all patients should limit water and salt. If there is no hypertension, edema and oliguria, should not limit the water, salt intake. Do not eat salt will be the same as Mr. Wang lead to sodium deficiency, muscle spasms, low blood pressure, low blood volume, orthostatic hypotension and renal function damage. Even if there are edema and oliguria and other symptoms, should also take a low-salt diet, appropriate control of water. Therefore, patients with chronic renal failure whether the strict control of water, salt intake, depending on the circumstances by the doctor may be. Excessive fear of salt, fear of water is not necessary.

Vegetarian can reduce the burden on the kidneys

Patients with chronic renal failure due to decreased renal metabolic capacity, the body of the main toxins plus urea, creatinine accumulation in the body, resulting in damage to the body. And these toxins are protein metabolites, so patients with chronic renal failure should emphasize the quality of protein diet. Some patients may be long-term vegetarian, afraid to eat animal protein, that vegetarian does not contain protein. In fact this is a misunderstanding of food protein. Food protein comes from both plant protein and animal protein. Although most of the plant protein content is lower than the animal protein content, but the daily staple food such as rice, flour protein content of 8% -9%, beans and soy protein content of up to 20% or more, while plant protein contains non-essential Amino acids greater than 50%, with essential amino acids and potassium, and therefore not suitable for patients with chronic renal failure. Therefore, patients with chronic renal failure should be appropriate to eat essential amino acids with high levels of animal protein, such as milk, eggs, fish, to properly control the intake of plant protein, should not use vegetable protein such as soy milk and tofu and other beans and soy products. But the protein intake should be controlled, the daily intake of protein intake should be controlled, the daily intake of protein can be based on their own serum creatinine level rough estimates. In short, patients with chronic renal failure must be clear, high-quality low-protein diet is not equal to vegetarian, vegetarian and can not reduce the burden on the kidneys.

The above is about chronic renal failure patients in the diet of the existence of errors, for patients to have a reasonable and healthy diet, so as to ensure that the disease be a certain cure. If you have questions about the kidney, you need to consult our online expert.

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