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Urine bubble increased alert to the occurrence of nephropath

2017-11-24 16:53

Some people who work, busy every day entertainment, and sometimes they will find their own urine in a particularly large number of bubbles, to the hospital for examination, will be diagnosed with kidney disease, according to the latest survey shows that every ten people by a People suffering from chronic kidney disease, so we have to be vigilant, for early detection, early treatment.

In life, the incidence of kidney disease usually lead to abnormal changes in the patient's urine, which is the need for vigilance. Normally, changes in urine in patients with nephropathy are manifested as changes in urine color, normal urine is light beer color, transparent color, if the urine was thick brown, soy sauce, etc., should be treated as soon as possible. Urgent foam and long and long gone. This shows that the urine contains more protein, but also signs of kidney disease. Urine output is too much or too little, the average normal urine output is 1500 ml / day, 4 to 8 times a day urine, if there is no fever, a lot of sweating, a lot of water, etc., and urine volume plummeted or surge, To be timely treatment. Nocturia increased the consequences of kidney disease. 60 years of age, generally should not have nocturia, if young people increase in nocturia, renal dysfunction may be early signs.

Urine bubble a lot of alert to kidney disease attack! From the above we can see that we usually find their own urine in the abnormal reaction, especially to see the bubble increased, then alert the occurrence of kidney disease. To know that urine inside the bubble is a typical increase in the symptoms of kidney disease, must be timely treatment, so as to effectively curb the harm of kidney disease continues to increase.

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