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A Brief Introduction about Steam therapy

2017-10-23 16:53

Steam therapy is a common used external therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is a very mild therapy that according to patient condition to choose which part should be fumigated.

Mainly has three parts: nape- shoulder, back-waist and lower limbs.

Therapy Time : 50 mins.

Tempreture : 39-43 ℃. (It can be declined 2 to 3 ℃ when patient suffers from high blood sugar / bp and anemia).

Function of steaming therapy:

It makes patients to sweat a lot and then lots of toxins will be excreted. Drugs can be penetrated through the skin into the blood and the kidneys, making efficacy of highly concentrated, so as to achieve the goal of treatment. Patients who finished the steam therapy must obey orders, add the right amount of moisture.

The first function is to help patients clear blood detoxification. It can improve the blood circulation and help patients remove the toxin in their kidneys and livers. And it also has a special effect on all kinds of edema.

The second function is to improve the microcirculation of limbs and relieve the symptoms of cold hands and feet.

The third function is activated cell. It can make the whole body cells active, effectively improve the physique, enhance the immune ability.

The forth function is strengthening function. It can stimulate the human body micro circulation system, improve human body function.

The fifth function is relieve fatigue. It can make body relax and relieve the presure so that make patients in good mood and rejuvenation.

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