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What are the hazards of renal artery stenosis?

2017-10-21 17:12

Many people don't care about the stenosis of the renal arteries. They don't think the disease will cause serious harm to their health. Experts say, for some diseases, although we do not often see, but this does not mean that it is not serious harm. Below, we will come to understand what harm will renal artery stenosis bring.

Renal artery stenosis can cause two hazards.

1, renal artery stenosis can cause hypertension, and sometimes even stubborn hypertension.

2, renal artery stenosis can lead to renal failure, serious development to uremia. According to foreign studies, about 15% of patients with chronic renal failure requiring long-term dialysis are caused by renal artery stenosis and are clinically referred to as ischemic nephropathy. Therefore, in order to treat hypertension and protect renal function, it is necessary to treat renal artery stenosis.

3, the renal artery stenosis, if not treated, probably in 3 years, 30% of the lesions will progress worse, 12% of people will develop into renal failure. The greater the degree of stenosis, the more obvious the trend is.

What do you know about the dangers of renal artery stenosis as outlined above? If you really understand, we hope you can do some things that are good for your health. When you find out the disease is coming, take care of yourself early and keep yourself away from illness.

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