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What is the main reason for female hematuria

2017-10-19 15:00

Hematuria appeared mainly because of the patient's body, the number of red blood cells caused by excessive, not only makes the patients with abdominal pain, but also bring some complications, affect the patients health, male and female’s body structure is different, so the cause also different, what are the reasons that cause the number of red cells in the urine too much?

1, urinary system diseases: such as urinary calculi, pyelonephritis, cystitis, prostatitis, kidney tumors, hereditary kidney disease, renal vascular disease, the role of chemicals, sports hematuria, etc..

2, urinary tract adjacent organ diseases: acute appendicitis, salpingitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, pelvic abscess and pelvic tumors, rectum, colon tumor.

3, blood disease: Women energy-saving friends, but also to blood tests if necessary. Hematuria with systemic skin, multiple orifices bleeding, sometimes accompanied by fever.

4, systemic disease: in allergic purpura, thrombocytopenic purpura, leukemia and other blood diseases; systemic lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, polyarteritis nodosa and other connective tissue diseases; meningitis, leptospirosis, scarlet fever and other infectious diseases; cardiovascular disease, congestive heart failure, hypertensive nephropathy, diabetes, gout; parathyroid hyperthyroidism and other endocrine diseases.

Reminder, when appear hematuria symptoms, patients should remain calm, to the regular hospital for examination and treatment, not to worry too much, bad mood is not conducive to the recovery of disease.

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