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Eat more vegetables can prevent elderly hematuria symptoms

2017-10-19 14:58

Eat more vegetables can prevent the elderly disease causes hematuria, urinary distress to the patient's life, then how does elderly to alleviate the symptoms of hematuria?

Elderly people usually drink more water or drink tea. Light diet, to develop good habits and habits, illness, timely medical treatment, when the urine color yellow or urine decreased, suggesting that water is not enough, should be promptly added. Only when the body is in good health can we enjoy the good in life better.

If find hematuria, should go to a regular kidney hospital, pay attention to rest, avoid excessive fatigue. The diet is mainly light, eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. Diet can choose carrots, lotus root, celery, sea clams, mung beans and other foods. At the same time can not be arbitrarily medication, must pass the examination, in accordance with the doctor's instructions under medication.

Eat more vegetables can prevent the elderly patients with hematuria, patients should eating light, proper exercise, develop good habits, the elderly because of physical reasons should have good habits, the only way for old people better from diseases, enjoy a better life. Kidney disease occurs, select regular kidney hospital for treatment.

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