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Does urethritis can cause hematuria?

2017-10-18 15:54

Urethritis refers to the pathogens in the body urinary tract growth, reproduction, invasion of urinary tract mucosa or tissue caused by urinary tract inflammation. According to a large number of clinical data show that urinary tract infection may cause hematuria, but not all the symptoms of kidney.

The clinical manifestation is urethritis hematuria, urinary stones caused by severe pain, frequent urination, dysuria, hematuria, dysuria, urinary tract infection is obvious; caused by bilateral, low back pain, frequent urination, dysuria; with renal tuberculosis, characteristic of afternoon fever; a visible nephritis caused by edema, elevated blood pressure by the kidney caused by pain; total hematuria.

The clinical symptoms of urinary tract infections are relatively extensive, and women are particularly prone to urethritis. Kidney treatment expert expresses, according to infection place different, nephrosis symptom also has difference, but this disease still has its common clinical nephrosis symptom expression:

1, urinary tract irritation, frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, namely micturition discomfort and other symptoms of kidney disease.

The symptoms of these symptoms vary from one patient to another. If the acute phase inflammation, the patient often has the obvious urinary tract stimulation. But in the elderly, children and chronic urinary tract infections, usually irritation of the urinary tract symptoms are mild, such as mild frequency of urination, or urinary urgency, or urination discomfort.

2, urine routine examination can have white blood cells, red blood cells or even proteins. Blood routine may be elevated in white blood cells and positive in urine cultures.

3, systemic poisoning symptoms, such as chills, fever, headache and so on. Mainly seen in patients with upper urinary tract infection, especially acute urinary tract infection and urinary tract obstruction patients are particularly common.

The above is about the introduction of whether urethritis can cause hematuria, hope to see the nephropathy patients will be vigilant, once the body does not appear kidney disease symptoms should be promptly to the regular hospital for examination and treatment of the disease, early suffering from kidney disease!

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