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Natural therapy to reduce high creatinine

2017-10-14 16:56

With the spread of health knowledge and the increasing cost of drugs, people are paying more and more attention to natural therapies. For some stubborn diseases, people tend to rely on diet to relieve them. Patients with high creatinine, for example, want to reduce creatinine levels through natural therapies and prevent exacerbations. Here, experts from our hospital will explain the natural therapy to reduce high creatinine. I hope can help you.

Generally speaking, for natural therapy to reduce the high creatinine , we can from diet and traditional Chinese medicine treatment. Some kidney diseases are directly related to irregular diet and irregular diet. A reasonable and healthy diet can effectively reduce high creatinine and relieve the development of nephropathy. Chinese medicine therapy can repair damaged kidney cells from the root cause of nephropathy, recovery of renal vitality, improve kidney function start.

A diet that reduces high creatinine:

1. light diet, do not eat too greasy food, limiting oil intake, especially vegetable oil

2., reduce the intake of beans, because soy food will directly increase the burden on the kidneys, reduce kidney function, so that creatinine value increased

3. maintain a low quality protein diet. Because of excessive protein intake will increase the burden on the kidneys, but the protein is an essential material, so we should eat some high protein foods are rich in quality protein, egg white, milk, lean meat, fish, every 20g high quality protein can be

4. patients with high creatinine should also limit their intake of phosphorus, including foods such as animal offal, dried fruits, egg yolks, and aquatic products

5. in addition, patients should also eat more rich in vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin C food. Limit the intake of alcohol and tobacco.

Natural therapy to reduce high creatinine:

Micro Chinese medicine osmotherapy can start kidney repair, improve renal function, reduce high creatinine, in addition, this therapy is a topical therapy, patients in the treatment period, no need to withstand any pain, lying in bed can be completed, and without any side effects. If you want to know more about this therapy, you can contact our online experts directly or leave a message.

If you have other kidney problems that can be viewed on other web pages, you can also consult online, or in your email,, we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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