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Can creatinine 350 eat cucumber?

2017-10-13 14:41

Cucumber as a new and fashionable health food, is loved by the masses. It is not only crisp, but also rich in nutrients. Creatinine is a product of metabolism in the body, and the concentration of creatinine is determined mainly by the glomerular filtration rate. Elevated creatinine values indicate a decline in glomerular filtration rate and impaired kidney function, so patients with high creatinine requirements have strict dietary requirements. A lot of patients with high creatinine also like to eat cucumber, then can creatinine 350 eat cucumber? See the following analysis.

High creatinine renal failure patients should eat some rich in vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin C food, cucumber is rich in vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin E, in view of this, 350 CR patients can eat cucumber.

Cucumber contains propanol diacid, which inhibits the conversion of carbohydrates into fats. Moreover, the cellulose in cucumber can promote intestinal peristalsis, accelerate the excretion of waste in the intestine, and have a certain effect on reducing cholesterol. Patients with high creatinine should maintain a low fat diet and eat cucumber just to lower cholesterol levels.

Cucumber is regarded as the most natural diuretic, creatinine in 350 patients with kidney has been damaged, there will be less urine, frequent urination and other symptoms, appropriate to eat some cucumbers is conducive to the discharge of urine, can also prevent other complications such as edema.

Cucumber is rich in vitamin E, which can prolong life and prevent senility. In addition, cucumber enzyme has strong biological activity, can promote metabolism in the body. For creatinine 350 patients, eating cucumber is also a good choice, is conducive to promoting waste discharge.

Cucumber vitamin B1 helps to improve the brain and nervous system function, can soothe the nerves, creatinine 350 patients may be confused in mind symptoms, eat cucumber to stabilize the mood of patients, the treatment of insomnia has certain auxiliary function.

Because cucumber sex is cool, for creatinine 350, but the stomach is bad, or eat less cucumber is good. There is a high potassium content in the cucumber, kidney patients should control potassium intake, so creatinine 350 patients still try to control the amount of cucumber intake.

In short, although cucumber nutrition rich, but for creatinine 350 patients, according to their own circumstances appropriate to eat some cucumber, the body is also good. But diet alone can't reduce high creatinine and repair kidneys. Micro permeability of Chinese medicine treatment of renal failure, reducing blood creatinine, has achieved good results. This therapy through vasodilation, anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant, degradation and other harmful substances, improve ischemia and anoxia damaged renal cells, and restore renal cell function, promote the damaged kidney filtration units, filter out more urine creatinine excretion. For details, consult our online expert.

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