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Why Should Kidney Patient Limit Salt Intake

2017-10-01 08:33

Salt is a necessary seasoning in our daily life, and it is also one of the essential nutrients for human health. But kidney experts caution nephropathy patients, eating too much salt can affect kidney disease rehabilitation, but also lead to other common diseases. So what are the adverse effects of high salt diet on the kidneys?

1, cause kidney damage

If kidney patients take too much salt, will produce the feeling of thirst, need to drink plenty of water to ease the condition. Long-term high intake of salt, not only extremely easy to cause the body edema of patients with nephrotic, but also increase the burden on the kidneys, causing kidney disease aggravated.

2, prone to edema

Many patients with kidney disease is also prone to swelling of both lower extremities even in the stable period. In fact, there may be caused by salt in the body. Chinese medicine experts think: body edema is becaused by the excess water can not be excreted in time, and accumulating in the body.

3, lead to high blood pressure

When the salt intake is too much, it will lead to an increase in blood volume, an increase in the lateral pressure on the vascular wall, resulting in increased blood pressure, while long-term blood pressure increasing will indirectly lead to kidney damage.

Kidney patients eat 3 grams of salt a day is the healthiest.

The daily dose of salt is 2200 mg per day when the kidneys patients are in a stable phase. The foods we eat, such as meat, vegetables and so on, contain 1000 milligrams of sodium, and the remaining 1200 milligrams need to be obtained from the salt. Therefore, in fact,  on the basis of daily eating vegetables, fruits and other foods, 3 grams of salt is enough, basically can meet the body's needs for sodium.

The above is the related content about "Why Should Kidney Patient Limit Salt Intake", I hope to help you. Kidney disease patients must pay attention to diet, if the diet is improper, it is easy to affect the treatment of the disease. If you have any questions about diet in patients with kidney disease, you can leave a message below and we can discuss it together.

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