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Diabetic nephropathy increased serum creatinine 200umol / L

2017-09-30 14:01

Some people ask: Diabetic nephropathy increased serum creatinine 200umol / L can be reduced to normal? The kidney expert: elevated serum creatinine is a serious problem of diabetic nephropathy, the latest study of international nephrology suggests that diabetic nephropathy after clinical proteinuria, serum creatinine greater than 200umol / L, the patient eventually into the dialysis is inevitable. Serum creatinine is increased by less than 200umol/L. I personally think that there are several situations need to be analyzed: First, simple diabetic nephropathy serum creatinine increased, such patients need to look at the situation of blood uric acid, if the increase in serum uric acid active Chinese medicine to reduce blood Uric acid, serum creatinine some patients can be reduced to normal, and second, diabetic nephropathy, but also need to find a positive control of reversible factors, plus Chinese medicine, some patients can also be reduced to normal, but need to take 8 weeks to observe the treatment effect. Third, traditional Chinese medicine is indeed hard to swallow, there is no way to treat diabetic nephropathy, patients need to adhere to, will certainly benefit from clinical. Fourth, diabetic nephropathy, increased serum creatinine, accompanied by a large number of proteinuria and edema, such patients regardless of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine,are not a good way to solve the problem of serum creatinine, only symptomatic solution, delay renal function decline.

Diabetic nephropathy increased serum creatinine 200umol / L can be reduced to normal?

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