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How does kidney disease patient reduce the incidence of cold

2017-09-29 17:39

How does kidney disease patient reduce the incidence of cold? Now is the season to replace period, the incidence of cold is increasing , nephropathy patients should not only pay attention to warm, but also pay attention to the prevention of colds, flu treatment effect for patients with nephropathy is still very large, here to introduce nephropathy patients how to reduce the incidence of colds.

How does kidney disease patient reduce the incidence of cold?

Physical exercise, strengthen immunity

Exercise is a gradual, long-term process. Whether patients with nephropathy or ordinary people, they should do regular exercise, avoid exceeding the amount of exercise body load. Immunity is not a two exercise can be strengthened, and only adhere to, patients with kidney disease can get a strong immunity, resist cold invasion.

Window ventilation, to avoid mutual infection!

Mutual infection between family members and office colleagues is one of the major causes of colds. People, including those with kidney disease, should pay attention to window opening, keep air circulation and avoid infection.


Vaccination is a simple and effective way to suggest that adult patients with CKD should be vaccinated every year.

Cold medication, careful injury kidney

Drugs such as vitamin A, paracetamol, Bloven, etc. may all cause kidney damage. Several cold drugs together, but also seriously damage the kidneys, resulting in a lot of cases of acute kidney failure. If you do not have a cold, please use it under the guidance of a doctor and avoid two injuries.

The above is about the kidney disease patients how to reduce the incidence of cold related introduction, hope to help you. Kidney patients should pay attention to keeping warm, but also pay attention to dietary taboos, if it is convenient, you can ask a professional doctor to develop a diet guide.


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