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Can Kidney Disease Patient Take Sweet Potato

2017-09-28 16:54

When suffering from kidney disease, there are more taboos on diet. And many delicious food can only in the eyes can't in the mouth. How painful it is for kidney patient. Now is the ripe season for sweet potato, so many kidney patients' families ask: Can kidney patient take sweet potato? Compare with other foods, Sweet potato have the function of strengthening spleen and tonifying kidney. What's more, there are large number of vitamins, cellulose and various trace elements. Among them, fresh sweet potatoes contains more vitamin C than tomato and apple. And it can keep more nutrients in the process of making it. Cellulose and various trace elements, such ad Mg, Ca, P and other mineral elements, can maintain blood vessel elasticity, stable blood pressure and stimulate digestion. Sweet potato contains high potassium and low sodium. Low sodium is friendly for kidney patient, While high Hyperkalemia patient can not eat.

Can Kidney Disease Patient Take Sweet Potato
Can Kidney Disease Patient Take Sweet Potato

Except for red sweet potato, there is purple sweet potato, white sweet potato etc. During which, the sweet potato with red or yellow heart, contains most carotere, this can protect eyesight. Purple sweet potato have strong antioxidant ability, but has no function of anti-aging. White sweet potato has higher sugar than the other two sweet potatoes, so white potato is the sweetest.

Although sweet potatoes contain almost the some amount of carbohydrates as rice, calories are only 1/3 of the daily stable diet. There is an advantage for people with diabetes and kidney disease. Most people with kidney disease need low protein food and need to keep enough calories. Though pasta and rice can add heat, they also take in vegetable protein, they are not easily absorbed.

In contrast, the protein content in sweet potatoes is lower than the daily foods. Although eating sweet potato alone is more easily less the intake of protein and fat. It is food for kidney patient. They can also take with some meat, fruit, vegetables under the guidance of doctor. There are many benefit of taking sweet potato, but you should eat when empty stomach, it is easy to stimulate the stomach. People with sick stomach  should pay more attention.

The above is the introduction about "Can kidney patient eat sweet potato", hope to be helpful for you. Patient with kidney disease should pay more attention to the diet. They can not take anything they want, to consult a professional doctor, get permission before eating. It is good for the stability of the disease. If unsuitable diet, may make disease worse and influence the treatment effect.











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