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Kidney disease patients should eat like this!

2017-09-27 15:22

How to solve the problem of the diet of kidney disease patients? What is "light diet"? But the question is, how can we have a "light" diet? The so-called "light", in fact, refers to the intake of sodium ions, and the specific circumstances of each patient is not the same. To solve this problem, first of all we need to figure out: Why do doctors want to reduce the amount of sodium intake of patients with kidney disease?

Kidney disease patients should eat like this!
Kidney disease patients should eat like this! 

There are two reasons:

First, sodium ions easily lead to water and sodium retention, which is common in patients with nephrotic edema; Second, sodium ions may lead to increased blood pressure, and hypertension in patients with kidney disease damage is still relatively large.

From these two statements we can see that the reason why doctors make kidney disease patients limit salt intake, but is afraid of causing edema and high blood pressure, thereby increasing kidney disease. If the function of kidneys electrolyte regulation is normal, then there is no reason to limit salt. From this we can draw the following conclusions: limited salt, depending on whether the patient has edema, hypertension or electrolyte imbalance, if not, there is no need to limit salt.

What is "high quality low protein diet"?

First talk about high-quality protein, in fact, it is the protein most easily absorbed by the body, that is, the amino acid pattern is closest to the body's protein. Why should patients have "low protein"? Because most of the patients with kidney disease have positive symptoms of urine protein, that is, protein leakage, which led to more protein leakage. So to control the protein intake, that is, "low protein diet." To sum up, high-quality low-protein diet is to ensure that the body's normal protein needs, but also ensure that there will not be too much protein to destroy kidney cells. High quality proteins are represented by fish, meat, eggs, milk, etc, then how "low" is appropriate? Although each kidney disease is not the same, but there is a relatively universal principle: daily intake of protein per kilogram weight 0.6-1 g.

Dietary restriction in patients with kidney disease

As long as the foods normal people can eat, kidney patients can eat, too, but some of them need to eat less.

The above is about the relevant introduction of diet of patients with kidney disease, we hope to help. Nephrotic patients in the diet should be based on their condition and physical health, and then develop the appropriate diet program. If you still have questions about kidney disease diet, you can leave a message below, we can discuss together.


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