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These four kinds of food reduce uric acid, also can reduce g

2017-09-21 17:14

Mention of gout and hyperuricemia, doctors usually suggest is: can not drink less touch, seafood, animal offal, meat also have to control yourself, for the people who often eat meat, is the greatest pain, really not suitable food for gout and hyperuricemia?

Here to introduce you, the study proved that some of the amount of food intake will help reduce the amount of uric acid, reduce gout, specifically about it.

food for gout and hyperuricemia
food for gout and hyperuricemia

Cherry:Through the study, 633 gout volunteers found that more than 2 days before the onset of gout, more cherries than those who did not cherry can reduce the risk of gout attack by 35%.

Low-fat dairy products: research confirmed that a large number of eating meat, seafood, modern hyperuricemia is a very important factor, while the increase in low-fat dairy products and low uric acid levels. For gout / hyperuric acid patients, drink some low-fat milk or yogurt every day, is a good nutritional choice.

Coffee: Studies have shown that there is a significant negative correlation between coffee intake and hyperuricemia. One of the studies, they observed more than 40,000 men without gout history, followed up for 12 years, the results found that coffee can significantly reduce uric acid, reduce gout.

Water: For those without edema and oliguria, the daily water intake should be more than 2000ml. The water, tea water and soda water can be chosen.

The above is a brief introduction about food that is suitable for gout and uric acid friends. I hope it will help you. However, gout and hyperuricemia will also consult a professional doctor before eating so as to avoid improper diet and influence the treatment effect.

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