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Can kidney disease cause anemia?

2017-09-20 10:58

Can kidney disease cause anemia? Kidney disease, especially in the late stages of the disease will be anemia, and with the deterioration of renal function and exacerbated. In the late kidney disease, renal parenchymal damage is serious, so that the erythrocyte production of the kidney to reduce the need for erythropoiesis to stimulate the role of bone marrow hematopoietic system is also weakened, so that the formation and maturation of red blood cells, resulting in reduced erythrocyte formation and anemia.

Can kidney disease cause anemia?

Chronic renal failure, severe renal damage, the body's metabolic waste from the urine excretion step by step, increased blood concentration, this material can accelerate the destruction of red blood cells, so that shorten the life of red blood cells lead to anemia.

Chronic renal failure in patients with long-term low-protein diet, can reduce the body's protein synthesis, but there are a lot of protein loss in urine, coupled with more than anorexia patients, small intestine absorption function is not good, resulting in lack of nutrients in the body so that hematopoietic raw materials, such as Iron, folic acid, lack of protein intake, resulting in lack of nutrition in the body lead to anemia.

Uremic patients with blood guanidine substances and phenolic substances can not be discharged from the urine, these substances not only cause coagulation abnormalities, but also increase the capillary brittleness. Therefore, uremic patients often nose bleeding, bleeding gums, subcutaneous bleeding and gastrointestinal bleeding, this chronic blood loss eventually lead to severe anemia.

Because kidney anemia is caused by renal parenchymal lesions, so medically known as renal anemia, are iron deficiency anemia, so these patients may be appropriate to make some iron to correct anemia.

The above is about kidney disease may also cause anemia related to the introduction, hoping to bring you help. Kidney disease in the treatment process must pay attention to diet problems, appropriate exercise on the treatment of kidney disease is also good.

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