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Is edema a kidney disease?

2017-09-20 10:53

Kidney clinic in addition to low back pain, another class of symptoms of treatment is the largest number of patients with edema, no matter where the edema, sub-clinic may be the first sub-diagnosis will be assigned to patients with kidney disease, no wonder the edema caused by nephropathy is indeed more common, but edema Not necessarily kidney disease.

Is edema a kidney disease?

1, non-renal edema which?

heart failure caused by heart failure: in the right heart dysfunction, exudative or constrictive pericarditis. Due to increased circulating venous pressure and capillary filtration increased pressure caused by edema.

liver cirrhosis liver edema: cirrhosis caused by edema is usually stubborn ascites as the main performance, if there is a history of liver disease, liver function abnormalities are easy to identify.

mucinous edema: hypothyroidism (hypothyroidism) due to mucopolysaccharide accumulation in the tissue skin, resulting in mucous edema, which is characterized by systemic edema, but not by depression changes, pale skin waxy, indifferent expression.

local vascular dysfunction or infection: some patients with varicose veins, or infection caused by edema, some patients unilateral lower extremity edema, morning disappeared, increased in the afternoon, to consider the local venous valve defects, you can ask patients to vascular surgery Or general surgery.

Above these edema have nothing to do with the kidney, not caused by kidney disease, need to be related to the relevant departments and treatment.

2, renal edema

Nephropathy caused by edema usually does not disappear for no reason, no treatment will gradually increase, first occurred in the tissue relaxation parts, such as eyelids, facial, morning obvious, and gradually develop to the ankle, lower limbs. Severe skin spread to the body, edema texture soft and easy to move, you can depression can also be non-depression, often accompanied by other kidney disease performance, such as high blood pressure, proteinuria, hematuria and renal damage, clinical examination is easy to judge.

The above is about the edema is not related to the introduction of kidney disease, hoping to bring you help. Body edema is not necessarily kidney disease, to the hospital in a timely manner to conduct regular checks, appropriate exercise and a reasonable diet is conducive to the treatment of the disease.

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