Doctors said eating these 9 kinds is good for kidney recover

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Doctors said eating these 9 kinds is good for kidney recover

2017-09-19 16:44

Got kidney disease in the diet will have many taboos, so patients will hear and see a lot of food is can not to eat, so that finally the patients can only send such a sigh of emotion: "what else can we eat?"

Doctors said eating these 9 kinds is good for kidney recovery

Although kidney disease patients in the diet really should take more careful than ordinary people, but therefore nothing to eat, and finally malnutrition, it is too lost. In fact, in the eyes of most doctors, patients with kidney disease almost no food can not eat, and some appropriate to eat a little more, but good.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Recommended renal daily use of half a catty of fresh fruit, fresh vegetables every day to ensure that the amount of 300-500 grams. Severe kidney failure with high blood potassium kidney friends, to reduce bananas, oranges and other potassium content of these high fruits, high potassium content of vegetables, you can cut the water after the dip, or hot water after cooking.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, dietary fiber and various minerals, which can help patients with kidney disease to suppress a variety of complications, so that kidney friends feel relieved to treat kidney disease.

Milk, eggs, tofu, fresh water fish

Low fat milk: 250ml fresh water fish a day, not only to ensure nutrition, but also not excessive.

Eggs: an egg a day, egg yolk protein can be eaten, to ensure that nutrition, but not excessive.

Soybean: kidney friends can eat about 2 or two of tofu every day, tofu, soybean milk are processed soybeans, purine content has been much less than fresh soybeans, moderate amount of soy products is also possible.

This kind of fish fish: an appropriate increase in unsaturated fatty acid and meat intake, appropriate reduction in saturated fatty acid intake of red meat. At any stage of the kidney, high protein intake is a concern, and these foods are good protein for kidney friends.

The above is a summary of the relevant content of the kidney recovery diet, for reference only. If you have any questions about the diet of the kidneys, leave a message below. We can discuss it together.


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