What is the cause of pain on both sides of the waist?

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What is the cause of pain on both sides of the waist?

2017-09-17 14:55

Patient: Recently my waist on both sides of the waist, ribs below, as if the location of the two kidneys, always pain, a little bit sour feeling, and touch the waist position, waist skin are cool The occasional sitting for a long time feeling the whole back is very stiff, hand rubbing a painful pain will be a little less. Urine and a little yellow opacity. Can you tell me that both sides of the waist have been painful?

What is the cause of pain on both sides of the waist?

Beijing Tong Shantang Chinese medicine hospital kidney disease experts: low back pain is usually associated with lumbar muscle strain, lumbar lesions and kidney disease and other factors. And kidney disease-related low back pain usually have the following circumstances: renal colic: sudden pain, often to the lower abdomen, vulva and thigh medial and other parts of radiation, was severe intermittent colic. Often caused by ureteral stones, blood clots or necrotic tissue obstruction. Kidney pain and pain: urinary system diseases caused by kidney pain, including kidney swelling caused by renal capsule, such as acute nephritis, acute pyelonephritis, hydronephrosis, polycystic kidney disease, kidney cancer, kidney ptosis and so on. Peritoneal disease caused by low back pain: such as renal abscess, renal infarction complicated by renal inflammation, renal cyst rupture and perirenal hematoma and so on. However, many low back pain is caused by the spine and spine soft tissue disease, pancreatic, gallbladder, stomach pain often radiation to the waist.For patients with low back pain to undergo renal ultrasound, while urinalysis to understand the kidney. In addition to the need for lumbar slice examination except lumbar lesions. It is noteworthy that some patients in the patient's disease in the course of disease due to good tolerance, even if the disease is quite serious but few symptoms, should be given full attention. In general, low back pain need to be treated, if necessary, the need for urine, kidney B and lumbar slices and other checks.

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