What should the diet of kidney stone patient notice?

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What should the diet of kidney stone patient notice?

2017-09-17 15:01

Kidney stones in daily life to pay special attention to diet, some foods will increase the condition of kidney stones, the following describes the kidney stones should pay special attention to the diet.

diet of kidney stone

Control the intake of calcium

60% of the stones are formed from calcium or calcium-containing products. If you go back to the stones, mainly calcium ingredients, then you have to pay attention to calcium intake. If you are taking nutritional supplements, first need to consult a physician is necessary. Followed by checking the daily intake of high calcium foods, including milk, cheese, cream and other dairy products. Milk and antacids may produce kidney stones.

Do not eat foods rich in oxalates

About 60% of the stones are calcium oxalate stones. Therefore, the limited intake of foods rich in oxalic acid, including beans, beets, celery, chocolate, grapes, green peppers, parsley, spinach, strawberries and cabbage vegetables. Also avoid alcohol, caffeine, tea, chocolate, fig dried, lamb, mandarin fruit, green peppers, black tea, poppy and so on.

Italian protein intake

Kidney stones are directly associated with protein intake. Protein is easy to make urine uric acid, calcium and phosphorus, leading to the formation of stones. If you have had calcium stones, should pay special attention to whether the intake of excessive protein, especially if you have too much uric acid or cystine stones in the medical records. Eat 180 grams of high protein food every day, which includes meat, cheese, chicken and fish.

Eat less salt

If you have calcium stones, you should reduce the intake of salt. You should reduce the daily salt intake to 2-3 grams.

Limit the amount of vitamin c

If you easily form calcium oxalate stones, should limit the amount of vitamin c. More than 3-4 grams a day, may increase the manufacture of oxalic acid, thus increasing the chance of stones. Do not take high-potency vitamin c supplements.

Do not take too much vitamin D

Excessive vitamin D may cause the body to accumulate calcium. Vitamin D daily intake is best not to exceed the RDA set by 400IU.

In addition, too little water is the main cause of kidney stones. Especially in the hot season of the season, after sweating should be more water to avoid excessive concentration of urine to prevent the deposition of urine crystals. Although the juice, soup and milk can be used as auxiliary drinks, but the water is still the best choice to add body moisture.

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