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What is proteinuria, how to do proteinuria?

2017-09-16 11:07

Proteinuria is a typical symptom of chronic kidney disease, proteinuria in the exclusion of other factors such as physiological factors, postural factors, etc., through other renal B-ultrasound, renal function tests, urine routine examination, can basically judge Is caused by kidney damage caused by clinical symptoms.

What about proteinuria?

What is proteinuria, how to do proteinuria?
What is proteinuria, how to do proteinuria?

1, timely to the kidney disease specialist examination and treatment

Urine protein examination can be qualitative examination, quantitative examination and special examination, the general urine routine examination, including qualitative examination, qualitative examination is best morning urine, morning urine thickest and can exclude postural proteinuria. In order to confirm the diagnosis, proteinuria patients in addition to the examination of urine often need to conduct blood tests and B ultrasound, CT and other imaging studies, some patients need to do a clear diagnosis of renal puncture.

2, regular medication, regular review

Because most of the protein associated with proteinuria is a continuous development of the chronic process, proteinuria, once there is often a long time to treat, the patient should have a long time to prepare for a long war, even if the proteinuria negative, Drugs, must be under the guidance of a specialist in taking drugs, in addition to regular review is also very important. Clinical use of traditional Chinese and Western medicine in combination, most patients with proteinuria can be relieved or completely controlled, but also can control the progress of the disease.

The above is about proteinuria and proteinuria how to do the relevant introduction, if the emergence of proteinuria, must be timely to the regular hospital for diagnosis, so as to avoid deterioration of the disease.

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