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An Analysis of the Reasons for the younger kidney disease

2017-09-15 14:29

Now more and more young people become a member of the army of kidney disease, with the quality of life now people in a step by step to improve, people are also a small day of moisture up, it is not before the soup water, eat coarse grains The At the same time the pace of life to speed up, but also to many young people ignore the development of healthy eating habits.

Reasons for younger the kidney disease

Reasons for the Aging of Nephropathy

1, do not drink water

Now young people in the work, in order to less on the toilet, the water is less to drink less, and even one day do not drink water, in fact, drink water before and after the toilet plus time plus 5 minutes. The body's metabolic waste is mainly handled by the liver and kidneys. The most important thing about the kidneys is to mediate the balance of moisture and electrolytes in the human body, metabolize the waste produced by the physiological activity, and in the urine, which requires enough water to assist.

2, drink instead of water

Many people do not like to drink boiled water, especially now or in the summer, to a bottle of cold it is simply, especially young people. But these carbonated beverages contain caffeine, is an important reason leading to increased blood pressure, and high blood pressure is often one of the important elements of kidney injury.

3, overeating, the pursuit of heavy flavors

Today, many young office workers, basically three meals a day are in the restaurant outside the solution. Food hi salty spicy, but also love to eat dessert, and sometimes come to the bottle of carbonated drinks, also led to the so-called taste more and more heavy. Over time, not only caused the body of excess nutrients, increased the burden of excretion of the kidneys, more likely to cause high blood lipids, hypertension and other kidney lesions.

The above is about the reasons for the younger kidney disease related to the introduction, for reference only. If there are questions about kidney disease, you can leave a message below and we can discuss it together.



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