What are the treatments and prognosis of kidney stones?

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What are the treatments and prognosis of kidney stones?

2017-09-08 08:58

Kidney stones are a disease that affects our urinary system function, and we should pay attention to avoid the impact of kidney stones on life. So what is the treatment and prognosis of kidney stones?

What are the treatments and prognosis of kidney stones?

Kidney stone treatment

The method of removing stones needs to be based on the location, number, size, renal function of the stone, whether it is combined with anatomical abnormalities, whether to merge, and physical condition. In general, 5mm below the kidney stones to conservative treatment or observation based. 5mm ~ 2cm of kidney stones, the preferred body of gravel. Special note to note that you can not just a B-results or X-chip on the in vitro gravel, should be diagnosed and then gravel. More than 2cm kidney stones preferred percutaneous nephrolithotomy stone. In the last century 80 years in the country began to carry out in vitro gravel and including percutaneous nephrolithotomy and other minimally invasive treatment of kidney stones, has nearly 30 years of experience. Open surgery stone application has been less and less, in the merger of the urinary system anatomical abnormalities, you can open the surgical treatment of anatomical abnormalities at the same time stone.

After treatment of stones, be sure to conduct a careful review to determine whether the stone is completely discharged. this point is very important.

The prognosis of kidney stones

About 50% of patients with kidney stones will relapse within 10 years, so the prevention of stones is very important. Stones can cause complete hydrological function, Difficult to recover.

The above is the kidney stone treatment and prognosis of care to do a brief introduction, for reference only. If the patient's stones are small, they can be discharged by natural remedies, such as plenty of water or exercise. If there is a problem with the treatment of kidney stones, you can leave a message below, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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