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Can anorexia cause anaemia?

2017-09-04 15:27

Can anorexia lead to anemia, anemia refers to human peripheral blood red cell volume reduction, a common clinical symptom is lower than the lower limit of the normal range. Because of the complexity of red cell volume measurement, hemoglobin (Hb) concentration is often used instead. Anorexia will lead to lack of nutrients in the body, is not conducive to the absorption of nutrients in the body, resulting in human weakness, resulting in anemia symptoms.
Anemia is due to defects in the human stem cells, which can lead to aplastic anemia, congenital aplastic anemia, pure red cell aplasia or myelodysplastic syndrome. And anemia and people's diet also has a great relationship, if anorexia, will lead to the lack of certain nutrients in the body, leading to imbalance in the body nutrition, anemia.

Can anorexia cause anaemia?

Can anorexia cause anaemia? Through the introduction of the above, we have learned that anorexia can lead to anemia, which can lead to imbalance of nutrients in the body, especially the loss of iron, which can cause anemia in humans.

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