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A brief introduction of lupus nephritis in children

2017-08-20 14:32

Brief introduction of lupus nephritis, the kidney is the most common organ of lupus erythematosus nephritis, nephritis patients will appear early urine test or renal dysfunction, the condition will increase after the obvious kidney damage. Therefore, pediatric lupus nephritis is a serious threat to adolescents common diseases. Let's take a closer look at the introduction of nephritis in children.

introduction of nephritis

Age and sex: the general case of girls more, 10-14 years old more common, infants and young children are relatively rare.

Kidney damage performance: lupus nephritis patients without symptoms, proteinuria have, and have varying degrees of edema;

Renal damage occurs: may occur in the early systemic symptoms; may also appear in the first symptom; may also appear after a number of years. General lupus nephritis patients with renal damage will occur within 3 years.

Treatment principles: control the activity of nephritis patients, and actively improve and prevent kidney damage. Adhere to long-term treatment, as far as possible to reduce drug side effects.

The above is the introduction of nephritis in children, for reference only. Parents and friends should always pay attention to the child's physical abnormalities, symptoms, timely treatment, so as to exacerbate the condition. If there is a brief introduction of nephritis in children, we can leave a message below and we can discuss it together.

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