Easily overlooked by patients with hypertensive nephropathy

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Easily overlooked by patients with hypertensive nephropathy

2017-08-20 11:51

Hypertensive nephropathy in patients with pre-symptoms is not very obvious, often ignored by patients, the patient may not feel any discomfort. If you do not often do physical examination, hypertensive nephropathy may increase, the development of medium or late. What are the hypertensive nephropathy symptoms?

hypertensive nephropathy symptoms

What are the hypertensive nephropathy symptoms?

1. There is a bubble in the urine, a long time will not disappear, then obviously reflect the urine of the protein more;

2. nocturia increased, the normal number of nocturia in 0 to 1 time, if nocturia increased, indicating that the kidney problems, and may be the early manifestations of hypertensive nephropathy;

3. urine color changes, urine color mostly wash meat water samples, and sometimes also showed turbidity of the water or thick brown rice;

Low back pain: low back pain is not necessarily kidney disease, but if the waist touch pain, it must be kidney disease, so the best patients to the hospital to check the kidney, spine and waist and so on.

5. edema: eyelid and face in the morning when there will be edema, a slight movement will disappear, if the amount of labor is too large, there will be increased circumstances. Severe edema, the waist will appear under varying degrees of edema, especially the lower limbs;

Above is a brief introduction to hypertensive nephropathy symptoms, for reference only. Hypertensive nephropathy is caused by hypertension complications, high blood pressure patients must pay attention to the emergence of several symptoms, we must go to the hospital in time to avoid exacerbations, affecting the treatment.

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