Diet taboo with systemic lupus erythematosus nephritis

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Diet taboo with systemic lupus erythematosus nephritis

2017-08-15 18:03

Systemic lupus erythematosus nephritis is a very serious kidney disease, if patients do not get timely and effective treatment, it is easy to eventually develop into uremia so that be life-threatening. So what is the diet taboo with systemic lupus erythematosus nephritis

Medicine bogey

Ginseng can improve the body's cellular immunity, but also improve the body's humoral immunity, increase the number of immunoglobulins, so that the immune complex increased, the activation of anti-nuclear Antibody, thereby aggravating and inducing SLE. Therefore, ginseng, American ginseng, gynostemma and its compound preparations, pharmaceutical health care products should be used with caution; generally should not be used. Can cause light-sensitive drugs: psoralen, independent live, Lithospermum, purple duckweed, Tribulus terrestris, Angelica, these drugs unless the need for symptomatic treatment, or only short-term use, but not commonly used. Some drugs on the normal liver and kidney function has no effect, but once the liver and kidney function damage, will be due to taking and exacerbate the condition, these drugs have Health Sui, Eucommia, Perrin, wood pass, iron leaves, , Hemerocallis root, Xanthium, toosendan, Melia azedarach, Huang Yaozi, clinical should be avoided.

The taboo of food

Lamb, dog meat, horse meat, donkey meat, venison, etc., due to warm, after use will not only increase the symptoms of SLE patients heat, but also found in inpidual patients so aggravated lupus disease and cause adverse consequences, it is not appropriate use. Spinach tradition that can induce lupus, it is known that spinach can increase lupus nephritis proteinuria and tube type, and can cause urine turbidity and urinary tract stones (oxalate crystals), it is not suitable for consumption. Hair loss patients should not eat cauliflower. Cauliflower can aggravate the process of hair loss. Mushrooms, celery, grass head (South alfalfa, Ziyunying), can cause light-sensitive, facial erythema, rash, so SLE patients unfit for human consumption. For long-term use of hormones caused by hyperlipidemia patients should pay attention to eat less fat and cholesterol levels of food, such as fat pork, lard, pig offal, chicken oil, fat duck, fat goose, fat beef, lamb, octopus Such as eel, sugar-containing sweets in the body can be converted into fat, should also eat less.

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