So that these three points can be effectively controlled kid

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So that these three points can be effectively controlled kid

2017-08-14 18:38

Kidney disease is difficult to find this point is that everyone is aware of kidney disease patients, of course, this thing for those who already know that they are nephropathy is the least use of the patients.

In fact, more than difficult to find kidney disease, monitoring is also more difficult, often patients say they do not know how to the kidney failure, uremia. This is the reason and difficult to find almost, mostly because the patient with the feeling of "self-diagnosis", the results of the delay in the treatment of the situation occurred.

So how to monitor the development of kidney disease, for kidney disease patients are more practical, and this is not difficult, to see whether the doctor can do the following three points.

one. Focus

Blood pressure, blood sugar

General blood pressure in patients with blood pressure is not high blood pressure, blood pressure and blood sugar is likely to make the disease changes; and already have high blood pressure and diabetes is a "high risk group" of kidney disease, such patients with kidney damage is usually more than normal kidney disease Patients are faster and more severe. Therefore, patients with kidney disease should focus on blood problems, as much as possible in the home measurement of blood pressure, blood sugar.

two. Simple identification

Abnormal symptoms

Kidney disease can cause a series of health damage, but also bring a variety of symptoms. What patients need to do is pay attention to these symptoms, do not miss the slight signal of the disease.

These symptoms include: edema, foam urine (mainly caused by urinary protein); anemia, high blood pressure (caused by persistent kidney damage); low back pain (may be the performance of renal failure).

three. Maximum protection

Regular review

In addition to a small number of patients with kidney disease can be completely cured, the majority of patients can only be treated in the hospital to clinical cure (ie, indicators turned negative). And nephropathy is a very sensitive disease, even in the hospital can be cured, but also can not be discharged from the outside after the infringement.

So every period of time to the hospital for a review can be said that the stability of the greatest protection.

In recent years, due to diet unrestrained, stay up late and overworked more and more people, the incidence of chronic kidney disease increased year by year and become younger, so the average person should also be concerned about kidney health, do kidney disease prevention and examination.


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