Nutritional treatment and management of chronic kidney disea

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Nutritional treatment and management of chronic kidney disea

2017-08-14 17:40

Chronic kidney disease can lead to many patients enter into the stage of chronic renal failure, patients with metabolic changes and malnutrition are very common, it’s very sad for these young life, whose career is at a rising stage.
With the progress of primary disease and the implementation of dialysis treatment, 25% to 50% of chronic renal failure patients have the symptom of hypoproteinemia, insufficient nutrient intake is one of the most important factors leading to malnutrition. How to adjust the various types of kidney disease diet protein program, it can satisfy the demand of nutrition without causing the accumulation of protein metabolic products. It has been a subject of concern in the kidney community and the nutrition community for a long time. Regardless of diabetes and non-diabetic nephropathy in patients with reasonable nutritional treatment can effectively delay the progress of chronic kidney disease. Family members and patients should always be in contact with the nutritionist in order to assess the nutritional status of patients, to keep abreast of the views of patients on the treatment of diet, and adjust the diet according to the disease, improve patient compliance, delay the progress of the disease.

Nutritional treatment and management of chronic kidney disease

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