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Can kidney patients move? Nephrotic elderly exercise attenti

2017-08-12 18:16

Some elderly people with kidney disease worry about the exercise will increase proteinuria, hematuria, and lower extremity edema and other symptoms, so choose to bed rest, but the absolute bed for some of the results of negative test results, in fact, the same undesirable. The correct approach is to treat a positive attitude, and then with moderate exercise with the treatment.

Nephritis, acute and chronic two categories, acute patients in the symptoms of stability and then start the appropriate activities. Long-term bed rest or very little activity will make the body organs function decline, further weaken the resistance, so blind rest is not a good way.

Just start training when you should do a short walk, practice breathing gymnastics and stretch the limbs to do some simple gymnastics, and other physical conditions to further improve after practicing tai chi, appropriate jogging or walking for a long time. Whether the exercise is appropriate can be based on self-perception, urine test to judge.

If you feel good after exercise, fatigue disappeared within a few hours, urinary test protein and red blood cells did not significantly increase or remain the same, indicating that the exercise effect is good, you can continue, otherwise it is appropriate to reduce the amount of exercise. However, it should be noted that nephritis patients can not do severe exercise.

Elderly kidney disease exercise points of attention

Experts believe that walking is a simple and easy exercise method. Chinese medicine believes that contact with the body's internal organs are originated in the soles of the feet. Walking can stimulate the internal vitality of the organs, so that the respiratory system, digestive system, circulatory system and endocrine system function is strengthened. Therefore, elderly patients with kidney disease can choose to walk as a way of exercise.

In addition, elderly patients with kidney disease should not be excessive drinking water. After exercise, the elderly body although dehydration phenomenon, but should be reasonable to add. Elderly people feel thirsty and so not as sensitive as young people, so do not wait for thirsty feeling when the regular quantitative replenishment. Drinking water should not be a lot of full drink, with a small amount of drink is appropriate. Especially cardiopulmonary dysfunction should pay attention. Because excessive intake of water to be excreted by the kidneys.

Can kidney patients move? Nephrotic elderly exercise attention to two points

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