What are the dietary principles in patients with acute glome

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What are the dietary principles in patients with acute glome

2017-08-12 17:58

Acute glomerulonephritis is a group of primary glomerulonephritis with acute nephritis syndrome as the main clinical manifestation. This disease is a self limiting disease and should not be applied with corticosteroids and cytotoxic drugs. Scientific and rational diet is conducive to the rehabilitation of the disease, then, acute glomerulonephritis patients how to eat well? Here is the dietary principle of acute nephritis.
1. Limit sodium and water
At the onset of the disease, edema is the main symptom, and the kidneys cannot excrete sodium and water normally. Limiting drinking water and avoiding salt is a good way to remove edema. A low salt, salt free or sodium deficient diet should be given according to the condition, the amount of urine and edema. Sodium diet, in addition to excluding salt or soy sauce, but also avoid sodium containing high food.
2. Control potassium intake
Oliguria or non urine should be strictly controlled potassium supply, water limit of 500ml / D, avoid eating foods high in potassium, such as beans, fresh mushrooms, dates, letinous edodes, shellfish, vegetables and fruits and so on.
3, carbohydrate and fat
Most of the carbohydrate diet heat supply, add enough carbohydrates, can prevent the energy shortage, also make the food supply a small amount of protein completely used for tissue repair and growth development. Acute nephritis often accompanied by high blood pressure, in order to prevent rising blood lipids, diet light to better.
4, provide adequate vitamins
Use plenty of fresh leafy greens and fruits. Fresh vegetables can improve the patient's appetite, except in oliguria period limit potassium, vegetables should be restricted; otherwise we should give fresh vegetables.
5, low protein
Supply according to the condition, the symptoms are lighter than 20 ~ 40g / D, to reduce the burden on the kidneys; low protein diet should not be too long, to prevent anemia.
6, limit spicy food
Limit spices and stimulating foods, excreted by the kidneys, can increase the burden on the kidneys, it is not appropriate to eat more; animal liver, kidney and other visceral, nuclear protein more, should also eat less.
The above is related to the dietary principles of acute glomerulonephritis, only for reference. The diet of patients with acute glomerulonephritis should be adjusted according to the specific conditions so as not to affect the treatment. If you have any dietary problems with acute glomerulonephritis, you can leave a message below and we will do our best to help you.

What are the dietary principles in patients with acute glomerulonephritis?

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