We eat these tonic, was actually a chronic kidney poison poi

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We eat these tonic, was actually a chronic kidney poison poi

2017-08-11 19:54

Protein, potassium, sodium, phosphorus and other essential nutrients, daily diet, health care products are containing these. Some people think that these nutrients are more and more good, so use them to "make up the body." For example, love tonic of Taiwan, keen on medicated body, this should be more healthy.
In the case of renal insufficiency, nutrients become toxins
For patients with impaired renal function, the ability of the body toxins is reduced, leading to accumulation of toxins in the body. These toxins do not come from contaminated food, natural food, through the gastrointestinal tract and the body's metabolism, will produce toxins. Vegetables are common in oxalic acid, resulting in oxalates;
A careless, nutrients become toxins!
If not timely removal, but also further added, it will increase the accumulation of toxicity, and ultimately lead to renal failure, into uremia.
Excessive nutrients are poison
Send nutrition is China's traditional etiquette, coupled with attractive purchase of advertising, which makes us usually visit elders friends and relatives, festivals to visit relatives and friends, always like to mention some health care products, nutrition. There are a lot of gifts for the elderly, eat it will feel that these things throw away the waste, so eat.
Do not know these nutritional supplements, the decline of renal function in the elderly, or kidney disease patients, but it is chronic poison! Studies have shown that the accumulation of uremic toxins in the body will not only accelerate renal failure, but also increase the risk of death.
Lack of time to add, other times no need
Nutrients and drugs, as advantages and disadvantages. If the body needs, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, you can intake; if you do not need, simply to prevent the intake, the more harm than good, will be counterproductive.
When the body lacks certain nutrients (such as iron deficiency anemia, etc.), can be supplemented by some drugs or nutritional supplements. But most of the modern people are faced with overnutrition, rather than lack of nutrition. So do not think that supplements, health care products even if there is no benefit, but also eat bad body. Preventive supplement, this excessive intake will really eat bad body.

We eat these tonic, was actually a chronic kidney poison poison kidney!

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