Vitamin C can cause kidney stones, you are not wrong!

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Vitamin C can cause kidney stones, you are not wrong!

2017-08-11 19:44

Victoria C is good, but a lot of long-term use will cause kidney stones! 

Relationship between kidney stones and vitamins

In recent years, studies have found that long-term high doses of vitamin C will increase the risk of kidney stones. American Medical Journal reported the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden Results:

Through the 11-year follow-up observation of more than 22,000 middle-aged people, the prevalence of kidney stones was 3.4%, while the prevalence of kidney stones in the unused population was only 1.8%.

This is because the vitamin C in the body metabolism will produce oxalic acid, oxalic acid and calcium easy to form calcium oxalate, calcium oxalate deposition in kidney tissue formation of kidney stones.

Kidney stones, vitamin C abuse

Victoria C also known as "ascorbic acid", the first in the crew (eat fresh vegetables, fruits) found. Its metabolism, health and so are extremely important, such as:

1) enhance immunity, prevent colds;

2) to promote the absorption of calcium, iron, iron (blood), calcium;

3) to promote collagen synthesis, beauty, whitening, etc .;

4) anti-oxidation, protection of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, anti-aging, anti-tumor and so on.

Victoria C benefits and more difficult to accumulate poisoning, therefore, many people to use its preparations as a lot of supplements. This is the leading cause of kidney stones!

Common vitamin C preparations are many, such as vitamin C effervescent tablets, vitamin C chewable tablets and compound vitamins and so on.

It is noteworthy that the vitamin C preparation can not replace the fruits and vegetables:

On the one hand fruits and vegetables with a variety of vitamins, complementary role;

On the other hand, fruits and vegetables also contain minerals, trace elements, cellulose and other nutrients, and vitamin C preparation composition is relatively simple.

Chinese residents dietary guidelines recommended, vitamin C daily recommended amount of 100mg, 200 grams of kiwi fruit to meet the needs of the day. So, to ensure that every day 500g vegetables, 200g fruit is no need to add vitamin C preparations.

Vitamin C on the impact of kidney stones depends on the use of dose, long-term, excessive can easily lead to kidney stones, daily intake of vegetables, fruits and will not increase the symptoms of kidney stones, but is conducive to disease relief.

Vitamin C can cause kidney stones, you are not wrong!

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