How to take a light diet for kidney disease patients?

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How to take a light diet for kidney disease patients?

2017-08-10 18:08
We often say that patients with kidney disease should take a light diet, but many patients and their families do not understand what is the meaning of light diet. Hardly realize that wrong understanding, will lead to unscientific and unhealthy dietary collocation. This will not only can’t protect the residual renal function, but will increase the burden on the kidneys, severe cases may even occur malnutrition.
What is the real light diet:
Light diet should meet two points: clear, fresh and not greasy; light, taste light, appropriate salt amount. Therefore, too much meat and nutrition is wrong, only have vegetarian food is wrong, too. Light diet stress nutrition balance, light is not tasteless, but not equal to no oil.
Real light diet of kidney disease patients:

How to take a light diet for kidney disease patients

Food should be various, the staple food should be based on cereals, the appropriate consumption of starch to replace part of the refined rice and noodles; normal potassium, eat more vegetables, fruits, don’t just eat vegetables; often eat dairy products, soy products and the appropriate amount of fish, poultry , eggs and lean meat, according to their own specific circumstances to calculate the amount of food intake to ensure high quality protein intake, to prevent malnutrition; light salt, control salt intake, 2-5 grams per day; select the appropriate cooking methods such as steaming, boiling and so on. Not only it can retain nutrients, but also it will not produce greasy feeling; a variety of flavors to stimulate appetite. Salt and oil reduction make the taste is not very good. Therefore, you can change the food flavor to stimulate appetite, such as acid, sweet taste and so on.
Above is the summary of diet of kidney disease patients, for reference only. If you still have questions about kidney disease, you can leave a message below, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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