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How to restore kidney function and stop dialysis?

2017-05-26 08:57

How to restore kidney function, so that dialysis can be stopped? Dialysis is one of the most common ways to reduce symptoms of kidney failure, and most patients will experience it. However, this is not the best way to cure kidney disease. Moreover, it will bring some side effect during the treatment of this disease. So, people want to find ways that can help them get rid of it. In fact, except taking kidney transplant, improving kidney function is the only way to get rid of dialysis.

How to restore kidney function?

If you want to restore the kidney function, you need to find some ways to repair damaged kidney tissue and protect the remaining ones from further damage.

Osmotherapy of micro-Chinese medicine as one of the innovations of traditional Chinese medicine can improve kidney function by increasing blood vessels, anti-inflammatory, anti-coagulation and anti-thrombosis.

With the help of osmotherapy of micro-Chinese medicine, most of the kidney failure patients can get rid of dialysis gradually. For patients with renal failure who do not take dialysis, they may have a chance to avoid it. If a patient has kidney disease can take this therapy earlier, they may even have a chance to regain normal life.

But no matter how, for kidney disease patient that is currently on dialysis, you should not stop it quickly, otherwise, that will do further damage the kidneys.

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restore kidney function and stop dialysis

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