Is Reverse Creatinine 160 for Chronic kidney disease?

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Is Reverse Creatinine 160 for Chronic kidney disease?

2017-05-24 10:32

Is Reverse Creatinine 160 Possible in Chronic Kidney Disease? Answer: Yes, although it is difficult, but yes. Below are some knowledge related to the accounting professionals, let's learn together.
You know that the level of creatinine is not a very sensitive indicator when measuring renal function. Since our kidneys have a powerful compensatory ability, the level of creatinine does not increase to more than 50% of the renal function is not lost. That's why someone else can live a normal life, even one kidney is sacrificed. Thus, after your creatinine level is up to 160, this means that your kidney function has been damaged to some extent. While the level of creatinine is an important indicator in the reflection of kidney function.
Kidneys are the most important organs of filtration in our body. In a normal state, they can filter out unnecessary foods, like creatinine, urea, additional, etc. From the blood and in the meantime to keep the beneficial substances in the body, like protein. Kidneys consist of a cluster of small blood vessels. These small blood vessels form the main structure of filtration in the kidneys. After the cells are damaged, they will attract more and more inflammatory factors and other harmful substances in the kidneys. If these harmful substances can not be removed and more and more inflammation factors enter the kidneys, more and more cells will be involved.
The level of creatinine 160 is not too high, and he has not developed so many symptoms in this phase. All this indicates that there are still many functioning cells in the kidneys to support the basic functions of the kidneys. However, as part of the cells has been disrupted, and even necrotic left cells will certainly do additional work than usual. This, of course, will accelerate the decline in kidney function. But if your functioning cells can be protected from further damage and the affected cells can be restored, this will definitely take along a renal function improvement and the level of creatinine will get lowered. Micro-Chinese medicine can help patients, if you are interested in Chinese herbs,you can also consult online, or email to, we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Reverse Creatinine 160 for Chronic kidney disease


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