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Kidney disease diet should pay attention to what

2017-09-17 15:22

Kidney disease diet should pay attention to what?Winter is a high incidence of kidney disease, most people know that keep warm to avoid the disease, but ignored the diet will increase the burden of kidney problems. Experts said that patients with kidney disease should eat less high salt, high protein, high fat foods, more intake of seasonal fresh vegetables.

Experts said that the winter climate is cold, many patients ignore their own kidney problems and began to eat and drink to resist the cold, it is easy to lead too much intake of protein or fat, salt and other foods lead to increased kidney disease.

"Chronic kidney disease patients, high salt, high protein, high fat foods as little as possible to eat, especially those with poor renal function, but also pay attention to limit the intake of phosphorus." Experts say broth, animal offal, nuts phosphorus Higher, to eat less. Patients with kidney disease should pay attention to low-salt diet

, When the plasma albumin content decreased, can eat more protein, such as lean meat, fish, eggs and soy products. When the blood urea nitrogen content has increased, there is uremia tendency, should eat low-protein diet, control of plant protein intake.

In addition, the doctor reminded that patients with Kidney disease diet, eat less citrus, bananas, potatoes and so on. Such as with high blood pressure, should limit salt intake, to control the normal intake of salt in one-half or one-third. Nephrotic patients should not eat eggs, pineapple and pepper and other foods containing spicy ingredients and spices, should eat fresh vegetables and fruits.


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