The voice of uremia patients

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The voice of uremia patients

2017-04-05 14:53

The voice of uremia patients  

        I am Antonio ,I am from India .When was diagnosed uremia ,I almost broke down ,as a master if the house ,I often told myself don’t fall.The doctor advised me to take dialysis,so I accepted it ,but the cost of dialysis is expensive and maintain the life through dialysis .So I want to try other ways .One day ,I listened to my uncle said that there is a professional kidney disease hospital is good for treat kidney disease ,and many patients was treated in there .

  First we communicate with the online doctor and keep in touch with the doctor by phone ,on the phone I told the doctor about my condition ,the doctor said :“Only have a certain urine volume we will try my best to treat it”.The next day I checked my urine volume ,it is 1400 .I still have hope ,so I determined to treat ,but my brother and sister-in-low worried ,because many people said that uremia cannot cure well ,so why Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital can cure it well?But my wife thought only have a hope we should master ,so we went to Shijiazhuang to accept the treatment ,at that time the creatinine has already very high .

  I thought I would live for several months ,unexpectedly after one week ,my illness has a great improve ,the symptoms of nausea ,vomiting has disappeared as well as the edema ,that made my wife and I strengthen the confidence of the treatment .Through a month of treatment ,my urine volume increase from 1400-1600 ,I am glad to accept the next treatment ,after three months ,under the doctor’s agreement ,we went to home to consolidation therapy .

  Now it’s almost two years ,my body condition is good and I opened a small shop ,the life is stable and happy .Once again ,letter to express gratitude ,magical micro Chinese medicine osmosis treatment ,thank for Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital giving me the second life .

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