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What are the early symptoms of hypertensive nephropathy?

2017-08-14 11:44

Hypertensive nephropathy has a variety of symptoms during the course of the disease, but it is not easy to be detected in the early stage. Here are some common symptoms of hypertensive nephropathy:
1, excessive or too little urine: normal urine volume of 1500 milliliters per day, 4-8 days. If hypertensive nephropathy patients do not appear a lot of sweating, a large number of drinking water, fever and so on, the amount of urine has fallen sharply or suddenly increased, people should go to the hospital for examination to see if it is a kidney lesion.
2, low back pain: hypertension is an early symptom of kidney disease, low back pain symptoms are common, no definite reason for low back pain, people should be in time to the hospital for examination of the kidneys, spine and back muscles.
3, edema: hypertension, kidney disease, people in the morning after the eyelid or face edema, noon will subside, tired after aggravating, rest after relief. Severe edema can occur in the lower extremities, lumbosacral, double ankle medial and so on. It is a common characteristic of hypertensive nephropathy.
The above is a brief introduction of the early symptoms of hypertensive nephropathy, only for reference. We should pay attention to the early symptoms of hypertension nephropathy, especially hypertension patients. If you have any questions about the symptoms of hypertensive nephropathy, you can leave a message below and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

what are the early symptoms of hypertensive nephropathy?


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