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Simple hematuria, really do not need to take medicine?

2017-08-07 10:45

Hematuria. For many patients with nephropathy, basically are based on their occult blood  plus hematuria, but renal physicians are generally not so can see! They focused on microscopic red blood cell count, with more than 3 /HP cells indicating the presence of hematuria.
When the kidney patients found hematuria, it is estimated that the heart will still uncomfortable, began to think about something to eat medicine. It is this kind of seemingly healthy mentality is a problem, many patients sometimes just simple hematuria, eat this medicine to eat that medicine is still a lot of time eating, not only no hematuria control, aggravate the impairment of renal function!
I tell you the truth, there are a number of long-term follow-up for Simple Hematuria population showed that only hematuria, no other abnormalities such as proteinuria, hypertension, long-term prognosis is good, because the probability of renal failure due to hematuria very low.
Even if some people really understand nephropathy, when patients only hematuria symptoms, the doctor give you some medicine is of no importance, don't feel strange.
Here, to highlight the basic goal of the treatment of kidney disease: to protect normal renal function, which is not positively related to the negative or positive of your index. If only simple hematuria, the doctor did not prescribe for you, this time do not panic, do not blindly choose drugs, at this time you have to do is regular review, exercise more and prevent infection!

Simple hematuria, really do not need to take medicine?
Simple hematuria, really do not need to take medicine?

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